Ever since the year 1995, the company has started to do the construction business. We have done remarkable projects throughout the years. As the time goes by the company became more mature and gain tremendous work experience for big projects. We were already cooperating with some of the multinational companies who are working in Myanmar for goverments’ projects and would like to meet with many of you for upcoming new projects in our country.

We have enlarge our business not only in the construction but also in the area so selling construction machinery to Myanmar market. As we are the end user for machinery we know many of the problems and requirement for our work. Because of this reason our new company is offering heavy machinery to local market with high quality and the best after sles service.

Hotel project and industrial development areas can also be cooperate with us for GWA and DAWEI. However, earthwork business is still our prominent area. On the other hand we are building up many railways line for MR (Myanmar Railway).

Since the company started we have received all the best support from our suppliers and we appreciated every little help that came out from our employees. Futhermore, we are learning and trying to improve ourselves more to give the best service and quality to our customers. Innovation technology, creating new ideas, changes are well adapted by ourselves and it would be a pleasure to work with you.

Company Profile

Steel Stone Group of Companies comprises  of following individual companies
Steel Stone Co.,Ltd
Steel Stone Construction Co.,Ltd.
Steel Stone Trading Co.,Ltd.
Steel Stone Jewelry Co.,Ltd.
Su Akari Production Co.,Ltd.
Su Akari Construction Co.,Ltd.
Lin Ngwe Yaung Production Co.,Ltd.
Lin Ngwe Yaung Construction Co.,Ltd.
Vital Trading Co.,Ltd.
Vital Service Co.,Ltd



Legal Status

Private Limited Company

Family Companies

Asian Boom Co.,Ltd.
Future Strength Co.,Ltd.